User Agreement

This User Agreement is applicable to all users effective on or after April 1st 2009.

There are two audiences to which this agreement applies:
  1. END USER. These are the users whose primary use of involves scheduling services through the main website.
  2. ADMINISTRATIVE USER. The Administrative user uses to manage his or her businesses calendar for scheduling purposes. Some such tasks include confirming appointments, maintaining the businesses calendar.

Any reference to BUSINESS is applicable to entities that register for Smedule as consumers of the scheduling component.
Use of this website,, constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions below. When we refer to Smedule, we mean, so not to be confused.

1. What is Smedule?

Smedule connects End Users with Businesses and their availability. This scheduling referral service is available through the main site, and ancillary iframes that could be maintained on the businesses home page or other host sites. Smedule facilitates the scheduling of appointments, but our partner businesses are responsible for keeping their calendars up to date and respecting scheduled appointments at the agreed to price.

Once an End User has registered for the site, he or she will be able search available schedules on Smedule's site and make reservations. Search results will vary depending on the criteria that the End User enters during his or her session. He or she will have the ability to schedule services with partner Businesses.

Smedule does not guarantee the quality of the services of any particular Business on our Site. Smedule also does not guarantee the accuracy of the user ratings advertised on the site. These ratings are displayed simply as a guideline for users during the search process.

2. Service Guarantee

Partner Businesses are ultimately responsible for guaranteeing the availability of services and advertised price, Smedule is not liable if the Business does not honor the agreement.

Smedule also does not guarantee End User satisfaction with services, but will make every effort to ensure that all registered Businesses provide quality services. Smedule uses unbiased third-party reviews to provide an indicator of relative user experience.

Appointments will be considered confirmed from the time that a user schedules them. Businesses may, however, reconfirm appointments. It is the users responsibility to follow the reconfirmation process of the business when relevant.

3. Cancellation and No-show policy

We do not ask that End Users provide their credit cards to hold appointments because you told us that you don't want to provide that information. We trust you, so we ask that you respect that trust and honor all scheduled appointments.

If you, the, End User, need to cancel an appointment, we do understand that things come up. You can cancel an appointment within the Smedule website with 24 hours or more before the appointment. If you are within the 24 hour window of the appointment, you must contact the Business directly and request that they cancel the appointment.

If the business will not honor the cancellation or if you do not show up for an appointment, this will be considered a "no-show". As an End User you are entitled to "no-show" up to three times in a calendar year. If you no-show more than three times, your Smedule privileges will be suspended. But we know you would never no-show, now would you?

4. Business Referral Fee

Any time a registered End User refers a new business to, that End User is eligible to receive a $10 referral bonus. Conditions for the bonus:

  • You must be a registered User of Smedule
  • The business must register to use Smedule
  • The business must enter the email that you use for your Smedule account
  • The Business must use Smedule for scheduling purposes
  • The business must post its availability on
As soon as the business is registered, using Smedule's calendar, and has it's first appointment booked through, we will contact you via email for payment information.

5. User Responsibility

We expect and hope that you will use current and accurate information when you register for We will hold you accountable if your information is not correct. If a business is not able to reach you to reconfirm an appointment, that business is entitled to cancel the appointment at their discretion.

When you accept this user agreement, that constitutes and implicit agreement to keep your user information up-to-date. Don't even think of adding false information. That would be unfair to partner businesses as they could incur additional costs. Usage of this service and its privileges can not be assigned or transferred to someone else.

6. Conditions of Service

You agree that your usage of this site is only to view business information, manage and administer business scheduling information(in the case of the Administrative User), search and schedule appointments. You will not plagiarize or duplicate this content or use it for your own personal gain. We protect our intellectual property by copyright protecting the website and using trademarks.

You agree to make every attempt to honor scheduled services as either an End User or Administrative User.

You agree to generally be a nice person(at least as far as Smedule is concerned) and we reserve the right to discontinue your usage if you abuse the site or dishonor scheduled appointments.

Reviews are from a third-party un-biased source, but do not necessarily reflect the views of Smedule.

7. Email Policy

Smedule uses email communications as the primary means of confirming appointments and may occasionally send marketing messages to End Users and Administrative Users. View our complete Privacy Statement for an indepth explanation of how we use email. Accepting the terms of this agreement indicate that you are comfortable receiving appointment confirmations, marketing messages, no-show informational emails, cancellations, and other communications that are highly specific to scheduling and honoring appointments.

8. Third Party Sites

Smedule does not guarantee the accuracy or relevance of third party web sites or content, including business profile information. Click on third party links and postings, including those of partner businesses at your own risk.

9. Refund Policy (Business Owners Only)

There is no refund once an appointment has been booked and the End User has used the service. If you feel you have been billed in error, email with "billing" in the subject of the email and we will investigate within one business day. Please include a phone number where we can reach you and a description of the dispute. We charge monthly on the payment day that you requested. This one-time charge is for all completed services that took place in the previous monthly billing period. You have 30 days after the date that a charge is made to contest any items on that statement.

10. Cancellation Policy

End User Cancellation Policy:
An End User can cancel his or her account at any time. If the user has any future appointments, he or she will have the option to either honor that or those appointments, or cancel all upcoming services at the time of canceling their Smedule membership. If they cancel an appointment within the cancellation window, that appointment or those will still be considered no-shows.

Business Cancellation Policy:
A Business can cancel any aspect of the Smedule service at any time. There are three interfaces that are controlled by the account activation and consequent cancellation:

  1. display and scheduling capacity. Businesses can cancel their inclusion in Doing so will have the following consequences:
    • The Business will no longer appear in marketing and promotional materials
    • The Business will no longer appear on or be searchable on that site
    • When a business indicates that they no longer wish to be included on, future booked appointments will still honored. In order that they not get billed for upcoming appointments, the business must manually cancel all future appointments and contact the End Users to reschedule.
  2. Embedding Smedule "Smodule" in a target website
    • When a business indicates that they no longer wish to embed the Smodule on a host website, future booked appointments will still honored.
    • In order that they not get billed for upcoming appointments, the business must manually cancel all future appointments and contact the End Users to reschedule.
  3. Smedule scheduling and administrative component
    Businesses can use the scheduling and administrative component free of charge.
    1. If a business chooses to stop using the scheduling tool, future booked appointments will still honored.
    2. The business must either honor those upcoming appointments or manually cancel all future appointments and contact the End Users to reschedule.
Whenever a business cancels its service it will also have the option to export schedule and contact information in to a .csv format which can then be uploaded to a supporting software application or retained for your records.

11. Indemnity

Accepting this agreement indemnifies Smedule of any responsibility for any injury that you sustain while using partner businesses sites or their services. Use services at your own discretion and risk.

Change to this agreement

Smedule may update the user agreement periodically and we suggest that you check back from time to time to make sure you are comfortable with any revised content in the user agreement. We promise not to do anything sneaky, just want to watch our backs. For more information on our user agreement or to provide us with feedback, email us at or write us: Smedule, LLC, 651 Emerson St, Denver, CO 80218