Smart Data Structure

We created our solution with you in mind. We support only specific types of personal services, including facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, haircuts, waxing, and other like services.

Service content is core to the application logic. Customers old and new are able to book appointments according to the service type they need. Smedule then captures this information and makes it available for reporting, export, customer intelligence

Do you every wonder how you are faring in comparison to your competitors? Or if people are booking more from your website vs calling to schedule appointments directly?

We have added some highly specialized reports that help you understand which appointments are being booked most frequently, where most of your revenue is coming from, where your appointments are coming from(online or direct bookings through the phone). Our reports map directly to system data so it is specific to the beauty industry and particular to the services you provide.

We can give you access to that business-critical data to help you understand if you change your pricing will you see a higher response. The more we understand how you use the system, the more changes we'll make to this feature moving forward.

  • Revenue Reports to determine where most of revenues are coming from
  • Booking rate reports to determine where bookings are coming from and what the success rate is compared to other businesses in your area

Different level of access based on role

Have your service providers manage their own calendars without access to reports and other administrative options

You can set Smedule up so that any of your employees can access their calendars from their computers at home or from their cell phones. They will be able to manage their own schedule and maintain their appointment book so you don't have to. They won't, however, have the ability to change business-critical data such as discounting and pricing. If you want to maintain control over all bookings, no problem, just don't extend the privilege to your employees.

  • Give employees level of access you are comfortable with
  • Employees will manage their own availability
  • They can choose to receive text notifications and emails for newly booked appointments and "own" their calendar
  • If you want to centralize control, no problem, you can keep it all to yourself with one administrative login