Mobile support

Iphone optimization and Google calendar integration

We know many of you manage your calendars from your mobile devices. And that's ok, we get it! That's why we provide you with a couple great options for managing your Smedule calendar from your smart phone.


Smedule works from your iphone! Or any smartphone for that matter. You can log on, view your appointments, add new ones, view customer information, and perform any of your day-to-day tasks using Smedule.

Google Calendar integration

For those of you that are looking for a more generic solution, Smedule is integrated with Google calendar so that any appointments you book through Smedule will appear in your new Smedule Google calendar. It's really easy to sign up. You can choose to use Google on the web or on your phone exclusively and Smedule will still know when your customers can book appointments- and when they can't.

Yelp integration

Customers have made it clear that they need unbiased reviews to feel comfortable booking appointments with new businesses. So we have integrated with Yelp.com to bring all of your favorable reviews to Smedule.com. This is another effective tools our users can leverage to make appointments not just at the right time, but based on highly qualified reviews from a trusted source.

Now just sit back and wait for the new customers to come to you!